Our Story


Our Story

IMAPAC started with a simple idea to "Make the Best Products". From producing B2B conferences we have developed into a multi-product company to empower biopharmaceutical community with comprehensive industry intelligence and meaningful connections.

Great client stories

Build valuable contacts and do business with us.

217 Conventions

To help you meet everyone in one location in under 3 days.

23,407 Clients

Achieve excellent ROI every single time.

150 Countries

Global reach, global community.

Global reach, global community.

Eradicate poverty at its root.

Our Values
Our purpose is not only to serve our clients with the best products but to do good for society.
We ensure top-notch quality through "IMAPAC's Think-Tanks" - industry's thought leaders & innovators.
Innovation Oriented
Always on the hunt for new ways to help and inspire you, IMAPAC thrives on our entrepreneurial drive.
Experience Revolutionized
We care about you and your experience. We listen, we improve and we serve better each time.

Our Mission

We are on an unrelenting mission to help biopharmaceutical businesses globally generate tangible growth.

Our Goal

IMAPAC strives to make the best products because that's why it was started in the first place. It doesn't mean "among the best" or even "best at a particular price point." It simply means to "make the best", period.

Our heart


Children Sent to School for a Year
Empowering underprivileged children through education.

How It Works


We believe that education is the most powerful tool to foster social integration, ensure equal opportunities and build a brighter future for many; it’s our commitment to become a Business for Good by adopting the "Back to School" motto.


IMAPAC has integrated giving into its business through the team at B1G1. With access to hundreds of high-impact projects, the B1G1 team ensures every cent of our contribution translates into real difference.


For every event delegate ticket sold, a percentage of the fee is contributed towards empowering underprivileged children through education.
At the cornerstone of IMAPAC is our promise to deliver what will meet your needs.
IMAPAC's core capability is staying ahead of changes in the biopharmceutical industry.
We're always seeking to bring new solutions to meet your objectives
We seek to inspire - be it new ideas, innovations, trends or solutions.
We're in the business of creating interactive experiences for you.