JiHyun Kim

Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

Kyung Hyun Lee

Chief Researcher, Ph.D.

Seungryul Han

Research Director

Seong-Wook Lee

President/CEO, Rznomics Inc., Korea

About Rznomics

Rznomics Co., Ltd., established in August 2017, is
a research company that develops gene therapy products using RNA.

As a bio company founded in the laboratory of Professor Seongwook Lee of Dankook University's Department of Life Convergence, we are researching with the goal of developing new biologic drugs for cancer/incurable diseases through gene therapy development. The excellence of our technology has been recognized, such as being selected for the TIPS program hosted by the Small and Medium Business Administration, the innovative drug pipeline discovery project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the national new drug development project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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