Prescient Therapeutics Unveils its New Cell Therapy Platform – CellPryme-M

July 6, 2022by admin0

A clinical-stage oncology company Prescient Therapeutics (PTX) has launched its second cell therapy platform, CellPryme-M, which produces superior cells with greater cancer killing activity. This platform opens commercial opportunities for the company to incorporate it into third-party manufacturing processes.

Article Summary

PTX has developed this new platform technology in association with its research partner, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac), a global cancer research leader. CellPryme-M platform produces superior cells during the cell manufacturing process. These cells are said to be less prone to exhaustion, which enables it to withstand cancer-killing activity for a longer period of time, and are capable of improved tumour trafficking and penetrance, compared to the current generation of CAR-T cells. 

CellPryme-M CAR-T cells show significantly better performance compared to conventional CAR-T cells in highly aggressive solid cancer models. Users can incorporate CellPryme-M into their manufacturing process with virtually no interruption, even if their manufacturing timeframes are only 24-48 hours. Prescient said it plans to use CellPryme-M to enhance the cells used in its breakthrough OmniCAR programs.

Prescient Managing Director and CEO, Steven Yatomi-Clarke said that Prescient will be it is own first customer by using it to enhance its internal OmniCAR programs, to combine next-gen CAR-T capabilities with superior cell phenotypes.

 (Source: Prescient Therapeutics, 9th June 2022)

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