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Digital Transformation of Biopharma Industry in China


This comprehensive Digitalisation report is the result of in-depth primary research conducted with C-level executives and key professionals across Information Technology, Research, Manufacturing, and Digital Partner units of 24 Biopharma and Big Pharma companies in China. It provides a profound understanding of the Biopharma sector’s digitalization potential, the current phases of digital transformation, the technological tools in use, and the drivers and barriers shaping this evolution. The report also highlights priority investments for both short and long terms, offers a competitive analysis of digital tools adopted by organizations, outlines factors influencing IT solution procurement, and presents insights into current partnerships within the industry.

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This comprehensive report is the result of extensive primary research involving C-level executives and key professionals from Information Technology units, Research and Manufacturing departments, as well as Digital Partners of 24 Biopharma and Big Pharma companies in China.

It offers valuable insights into the digital transformation of the Biopharma sector, providing a roadmap for success. The report begins by assessing the potential of the Biopharma industry in the context of digitalization, highlighting the immense opportunities for innovation and growth. It then delves into the current phases of digitalization, shedding light on where the industry stands in its digital journey. Furthermore, the report explores the various technological tools and solutions being leveraged by the Biopharma sector, offering a comprehensive overview of the digital landscape. It also identifies the key drivers and barriers to digital transformation, helping companies navigate the challenges effectively.

In addition, the report provides crucial insights into short and long-term investment priorities, enabling organizations to allocate resources strategically. It includes a competitor analysis of the digital tools used within the sector, facilitating benchmarking and informed decision-making. Furthermore, it examines the factors influencing the purchase of IT solutions and the decision-making processes. Lastly, the report reveals the current partnerships in the industry, showcasing collaboration opportunities for Biopharma companies.

In essence, this report equips Biopharma companies with actionable intelligence to harness the power of digitalization, foster innovation, and drive sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Understand the potential sector of biopharma focusing on digitalisation Gaining Insights into the Current Stages of Digitalization Analyse the Different Technological Tools Used by the Life Sciences Industry Determining the Drivers and Barriers of Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry

Asia-Pacific Biologics CMO Facilities Report with more than 290 page consists of 113 tables and 91 figures that are easy to comprehend. This report presents key details on the top Biologics CMOs in the APAC Market, analyses data based on primary research such as projects completed, pricing competitiveness, investments, clients, future expansion plans and much more.

This report is unique in that our charts and analyses figures are based solely on data collected directly from the biopharma and big pharma on the various CMOs of their choice in each region. The survey respondents’ companies are either currently manufacturing their products in- house or outsourcing their manufacturing activities to a CMO. Read on to know more about the various service providers and technology trends used in the manufacturing. This report lets you understand CMO’s facilities better.

Through this report, you are more likely to stay ahead of your competitors and expand your knowledge and expertise in biomanufacturing. Identify co-development and other business-related partnerships, to plan future portfolio focus and to invest in research and technologies to fill the gaps identified.

This report may potentially help your research, analyses, and strategic decisions. IMAPAC’s Report is intended for anyone who demands comprehensive and in-depth analyses for Biopharma contract manufactures in key Asian markets.

  • What is the Current Landscape of Digital Transformation in China Big Pharma and Biopharma
  • The difference in Outlook of Digitalisation for the Next 1-3 Years & 3-5 Years
  • Investment trend in Digital tools among the big pharma
  • What determines the Customer Needs & Buying Criteria
  • Which area(s) of your business models are more likely to enter partnerships in the next 1-3 years: R&D, product development, market access, supply chain?
  • Which type of companies are the most relevant for your digital strategy
  • What are the plan(s) to enable employee adoption to digital transformation?
  • Current barriers to realizing benefits of digital transformation

IMAPAC carried out in-depth primary research involving C-level executives and key professionals from Information Technology units, Research and Manufacturing departments, as well as Digital Partners of 24 Biopharma and Big Pharma companies in the regions of China.



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